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Brad Tuttle covers personal finance, travel and parenting, among other topics. He was a senior editor at the brilliant but now deceased parenting magazine Wondertime; and he is the author of two books, The Ellis Island Collection: Artifacts from the Immigrant Experience and How Newark Became Newark: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American City. His work has appeared in TIME, the New York Times, Newsweek, Newsday, American History and Endless Vacations, among other publications. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three sons. Read more about Tuttle at

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Who Needs a Salary Anyway?

Those brilliant company execs have come up with some innovative solutions to trifling issues that come up from time to time—things like actually having the money to pay employee salaries. One hot trend: just stop paying them. They might still come in to work anyway.

Health Care: The Debate, Boiled Down

So much has been written and debated about health care over the last few days that it’s hard to think straight. Here are ten snippets from columnists, doctors, editorial pages, bloggers, politicians, and everyday people that make important points—ones that very well might get overlooked while the political battle rages on.

Are You Going to Eat That? Probably Not

About 25 percent of the food you bring into your house is never actually eaten, says Wasted Food blogger Jonathan Bloom, via the Star Tribune. Americans throw out $100 billion worth of food annually, according to one conservative estimate. Next time you’re shopping ask yourself honestly, “Are you going to eat that?” If not, put it back, …

Q&A with The Lottery Wars author Matthew Sweeney

It seems odd that any U.S. state would actively encourage its citizens to gamble, especially during hard economic times. But that’s exactly what the vast majority of states do via lotteries. Firms on state payrolls are constantly devising new ways to bring in more players and more money, including high-stakes scratch-off games ($50 to …

The Secret to Getting Out of Debt? Just Ask

Credit card delinquencies are on the rise, climbing 11 percent in the first quarter of 2009. And all signs indicate that the number of delinquencies is expected to grow into 2010, perhaps even 2011. But now, creditors are trying to get whatever they can out of delinquent accounts. Rather than trying to squeeze water out of sand—i.e., …

Bulk Buying Power: Teaming Up Online for Deals

There is power in numbers. A number of new websites are helping consumers meet up and combine their purchasing strength when dealing with retailers, who are happy to unload the goods at big discounts—so long as the goods are being unloaded in large quantities.

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