Brad Tuttle

Brad Tuttle covers personal finance, travel and parenting, among other topics. He was a senior editor at the brilliant but now deceased parenting magazine Wondertime; and he is the author of two books, The Ellis Island Collection: Artifacts from the Immigrant Experience and How Newark Became Newark: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American City. His work has appeared in TIME, the New York Times, Newsweek, Newsday, American History and Endless Vacations, among other publications. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three sons. Read more about Tuttle at

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You Probably Spent $6,514 on Food Last Year

That’s if you’re average. Everything’s bigger in Texas—and apparently that includes what folks spend on food and drink. The average household in the city of Austin spent $12,447 on food and drink last year ($6,301 on dining out, $6,146 on groceries). That’s the most of any U.S. city, where the overall average household food bill came …

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