One More Reason for Dudes to Love Mila Kunis

She's the new face of Jim Beam

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While Jim Beam has previously relied on Kid Rock to be the face of its product, the bourbon company has found a new spokesperson that will probably be more appealing to its demographic: Mila Kunis.

Not only does the partnership give men another reason to fall in love with the actress, but Kunis’ presence also shows that a strong woman can throw back whiskey with the best of them. Kunis quite literally smolders (there’s a branding iron scene) in three new ads by FutureWorks, a new conglomeration of the company’s three different regional creative agencies.

Watch some of the new spots, with the tagline “Make History,” below:


Sad comment on Kunis’ judgement.  Income & ego over integrity.  

Mila, you have to ask yourself, if any serious actress in the top ten would elect to do be this “spokeswoman."


@Mickiee  First off, your grammar is terrible. You instantly lose any credibility when you can't get a single sentence right. Also, what are you referring to when you talk about "income and ego over integrity?" Could you be any lazier throwing jabs? 

Not sure if you watch television but most major advertising is dominated by top female and male celebrities, so it's pretty commonplace. Additionally, what integrity is being ruined by doing a commercial?

You sir/mam seem lost reading Time. Maybe try something a little lighter, like Highlights.