Kraft Singles Are Going to Change Dramatically

The brand will no longer use synthetically manufactured preservatives in some cheeses

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Chuck Keeler / Getty Images

Kraft Cheese will no longer use artificial preservatives in its Kraft Singles full-fat American and White American cheese.

The company is making the change in response to the growing number of consumers who want more natural foods, reports the Associated Press, even though the FDA says the artificial preservatives used in these cheeses are safe.

Kraft will start rolling out ads at the end of February promoting the cheese as free of artificial preservatives. The new cheese will be on grocery shelves within the next few weeks and will have a red circle on its packaging to indicate it is free of artificial preservatives. Kraft is looking into taking the preservatives out of its other products, too, but is starting with its top sellers first.

The artificial preservative called sorbic acid will be replaced with a natural preservative called natamycin, the Associated Press reports.



Sorry folks, sorbic acid is about as benign as you can get.  Nothing wrong with natamycin - but to many it sounds like an antibiotic - which I guess it is as it is produced during fermentation by a bacterium.   Personally I'd rather have sorbic acid to retard mold growth in my cheese.  I predict this will backfire on Kraft - the class action lawyers are probably already licking their lips.