Marijuana Movement Seizes Super Bowl Spotlight

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This year’s Super Bowl seems to be perfect for the marketing of marijuana, and pot entrepreneurs and activists are seizing the moment.

Fans of the Seattle Seahawks, and team running back Marshawn Lynch in particular, may very well set out a bowl of Skittles for their Super Bowl parties this Sunday. Lynch’s love of Skittles has gotten extra attention in recent weeks as his team advanced through the playoffs, and after giving the brand millions in free publicity, Skittles officially partnered with Lynch in an endorsement deal featuring a limited-edition “Seattle Mix” strain of the candies with only the team colors, blue and green.

Others may pay homage to Lynch in a very different way: by smoking a strain of marijuana named in his honor. As the Seattle Times reported, the strain in question was grown with the idea that it would be called “Girl Scout Cookie.” After sampling the freshly cultivated crop, however, growers—who run the Queen Anne Cannabis Club in Seattle—realized the cute name didn’t fit at all. After starting slow, the effects of smoking it kicked into a higher gear and came on exceptionally strong. “It hit me like Beast Mode,” one of the growers said. He was referring to the nickname of Marshawn Lynch, one of the league’s most powerful, fearsome running backs, and he unintentionally gave the strain a new name that would stick.

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The idea of naming pot after an NFL player may seem odd—the league bans players from using marijuana, even in states where it’s legal—but if ever there was a time it might be appropriate, it would be this year’s Super Bowl. As many have noted, the two teams playing in this weekend’s game are both from states where voters have approved sales of pot for purely recreational purposes, hence countless references to the “Stoner Bowl” or “Bud Bowl.”

In addition to Lynch-themed “Beast Mode” pot, the Queen Anne Cannabis Club has been selling (or rather, requesting specific donation rates because selling pot there technically remains illegal) tons of marijuana-laced cupcakes featuring the Seahawks blue-and-green colors. In Colorado, meanwhile, according to Reuters, pot shops are offering blue-and-orange Denver Broncos-themed bongs and strains of marijuana with Broncos-related names such as “Orange Crush.” Last fall, a Denver pot seller introduced strains of pot named after Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning along with his brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, but after being threatened with legal action, it appears as if there’s no more Manning weed for sale.

Beyond individual sellers, the larger pro-cannabis movement is also trying to seize the “Marijuana Bowl” spotlight by putting up five billboards in support of the legalization of pot on highways near New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, where the game’s being played. “Marijuana is less harmful to our bodies than alcohol,” reads one of the billboards from the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), showing football players in jerseys featuring the same colors as the Broncos and Seahawks (though they’re not official jerseys, because the NFL certainly isn’t on board with the message). “Why does the league punish us for making the safer choice?”

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Another billboard notes that there were 749,000 marijuana arrests in the U.S. in 2012, which is roughly the equivalent of the number of people who have attended the last ten Super Bowls combined. In a press release accompanying the launch of the billboards, MPP director of communications Mason Tver offered the put-that-in-your-pipe-and-smoke-it quote, “Taking a big hit of marijuana poses less potential harm than taking a big hit from an NFL linebacker or a big shot of tequila.”


It's estimated that 50 million cases of beer are sold to Americans for consumption on a typical Superbowl Sunday.  Every year some of those people will end up driving impaired. There will be accidents.  There will be deaths.  there will be fights & domestic violence. There will be people puking, people passed out, and some folks who end up doing things they will regret the next morning.  Someone might even die from an alcohol overdose.   Cannabis, not so much.  

One person is killed every half-hour in the US due to drunk driving. Each year over16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes. Alcohol is a factor in about half of all traffic fatalities.   Every 2-3 minutes a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash.   Cannabis traffic statistics are almost nonexistent by comparison.  Which is safer?  The answer is obvious.   Cannabis with never an overdose death in all medical history, and no statistical record of traffic accidents is clearly safer!  Which begs the question:  why has the government been lying?   End the lies and legalize.


Famous cannabis users who made history: Carl Sagan, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Richard Burton, Margaret Mead, Tim Lincecum, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Louis Armstrong, John Denver, Willie Nelson, Don Ho, Smokey Robinson, Pink, Tom Petty, Benny Goodman, Michael Phelps, Rick Steves, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Montel Williams, Stephen King, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Murray, Art Garfunkel, Chris Rock, Wesley Snipes, Thelonious Monk, Steve Martin, Sir Paul McCartney, Rudyard Kipling, Ray Charles, Peter Sellers, Newt Gingrich, Neil Young, Larry Hagman, Jimi Hendrix, Julia Roberts, Johnny Cash, Jesse Ventura, Jennifer Aniston, Jack Nicholson, Francis Ford Coppola, Duke Ellington, Drew Barrymore, Dionne Warwick, Bing Crosby.....


the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades, time to tie marijuana to the 2014, and 2016 elections

20 years behind us southern states, sad and scary....nobody denies freedoms like the south, nobody...even if marijuana reforms did pass the republiCANTS in charge would deny you all your freedoms, centuries of matter though, we never planned on getting your backwards brethren from day one, half the country already but not one southern state,lol...

love and freedom forever

MARIJUANA SUPER BOWL 2014, free state vs. free state, destiny



Another true life pot / hash story
A baggage check of a football player produced some hash
The offensive lineman reached across and grabbed the chunk; taking it to the washroom and flushed it.
More checking and another chunk of hash. The Lineman grabbed it and with a couple baggage people draped over him, he made his way to the washroom and flushed that.
Continued checking produced another chunk of hash. This time the toilet wouldn't flush and my favorite player got busted.
His name was Hector Pothier. After that incident his teammates would call the Hash marks the "Hector marks"
As told by one of his teammates..


I hate it when folks rename a strain, if you did not cross it, who are you to name it? it is girl scout cookies or thin mint. I don't drink a white zin and call it pinkie or something.


@RobertDeRego truth.....the only time i named a strain is when i though i got some purple clones but they came out looking like was the last time the lakers were in the finals and i was sending 4 pounds to LA so i called it the KOBE this day people still ask me about it, lol