Apple and Samsung Will Try to Talk Out Their Legal Fight

Time for a mediation session

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Apple and Samsung have agreed to hold a court-suggested mediation session in the next five weeks to try to talk out their legal disputes regarding smartphone patents.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon, along with in-house lawyers for both companies, will attempt to resolve their issues in a meeting to be held by Feb. 19, according to a court filing Wednesday. That’s ahead of their next March court date, Reuters reports. Lucy Koh, the federal judge who encouraged the companies to enter mediation, conceded it would be a heavy lift when she recommended it, saying at the time, “you don’t have to laugh at me, but even my chambers laughs at me when I mention settlement.”

A series of patent infringement lawsuits and counter-suits began in 2011. The two sides have met in mediation sessions before to no avail.



Hands down, the time and effort spent settling a case far outweighs the time and effort spent litigating it. And the settlement concludes the dispute so each side can go back to doing what it knows best.

Even when you're right, prosecuting or defending a case is not your business. So settle it early on and put the matter behind you.

There're no winners in business litigation -- even when you win.