Marissa Mayer Unveils Unlikely Source of Yahoo’s Gameplan

"Yahoo Magazines" will deliver news content to tablets and computers

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Peter Kramer / NBC / Getty Images

Yahoo’s team led by CEO Marissa Mayer unveiled the company’s moves for 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show Tuesday, including a Yahoo News Digest and Yahoo Magazines, which will factor heavily in the company’s media plans this year.

The Yahoo News Digest incorporates technology by teenage developer Nick D’Alosio, where material is automatically written by curators but “editorially curated” by humans, and Yahoo Magazines, which will use a Tumblr-powered interface to deliver stories to tablets and computers.

Also at the presentation, Tumblr CEO David Karp announced that Yahoo will power all of Tumblr’s ads. Yahoo also announced it is revamping its app for SmarTVs to give better movie and TV recommendations.



Wonder if this supposed angel of mercy has taken care of this problem yet?


Doesn't appear so. In fact, it seems worse than ever. The second tier ad levels didn't really deal with the issue, as much just distanced their clients from direct sponsorship problems. Seems like kind of a hypocrite, talking about values and God, when she hosts prn that has kids involved.

Next time, these go out right on publishing date. Wipe yourselves, please.