Walmart Recalls Tainted Donkey Meat from Chinese Stores

It's actually fox meat, regulators say

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Walmart customers in China who purchased “Five Spice” donkey meat can be reimbursed because the product may contain fox meat, the company said late Wednesday.

The retailer is recalling the donkey meat and helping investigate its supplier after Chinese regulators found the product contained meat from other animals, Reuters reports. Donkey meat is a popular snack in parts of China, which slaughtered 2.4 million donkeys in 2011.

The reports of tainted meat embroils Walmartt in an ongoing controversy in China over food safety — which has already affected international brands like Carrefour and KFC — even as the world’s largest retailer plans a major expansion in the world’s largest grocery market. Walmart, which operates more than 400 facilities in China, plans to open 110 new stores there in the next few years.



Sir, a year ago yesterday, the horse meat scandal broke, scaring the general public into reassessing the way it purchases and consumes meat. This week, an Ipsos MORI survey showed that 31 per cent of British adults have changed the way they choose or buy meat since then. Given how much this scandal has affected consumer buying habits, why haven’t manufacturers changed their own ways?

Wal-Mart recently recalled a donkey meat product in China, after tests showed it contained the DNA of other animals. In Europe, Dutch food authorities recalled 24,000 pounds of horse sold as beef. And the public doesn’t forget; consumer trust can be lost in an instant. 

But there’s no reason why the entire supply chain can’t be managed. The UK adheres to the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which identifies where food safety hazards may occur in a food production process, and prevents them by recommending stringent control. 

HACCP might sound costly or complex to implement, but it is much more economical than dealing with a food contamination crises. As a company supplying heat transfer fluids into the food market and using HACCP to ensure we do so safely, we can vouch for that fact. If consumers have changed their behaviour, there’s no reason for industry not to. 

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It's scary in that we have a Chinese company that has now bought up our major pork producer here in the US and now we have to wonder  if those kinds of things will happen here.  How can you have confidence in the meat you buy?  Our congress has cut back on so much that we don't have the number of inspectors we should have, so I'm going to buy, as much as I can, locally.


When you are already knowingly eating donkey meat, why not fox meat?   or opossum, cat, dog....or hey, you have plenty of people dying,,,just grind them up and add it for a cheap meat source.....NASTY!


In a related story, Walmart recalled 500 pounds of dog meat out of concern that it was contaminated with beef and chicken.


If you're going to buy a piece of ass, you want it to be a fox, don't you?


we support a communist country that has all of our economy and one of the cruelest for animals.  stop buying at Walmart