E-cigarettes Are On the Rise: Do You Smoke or Vape?

A new spin on an old habit

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Advocates say e-cigarettes are healthy but others aren’t so sure. A look at the rise of the e-cigarette market and why it’s so controversial for many.



smoking end you, you end smoking. Very low class things.



We feel a very bad luck on these smoking cigar problems can bring public angers before riots. 

Publics know cigars are poison and smokers poison all. 

End your smoking cigars on publics right now! 

Smoking is criminal poisoning all publics. 

Public judgements will punish them if smokers try to push someone to smoke. 

All cigars Must Not be sold and absolutely Not on free publics because it is a poison at all. 

Better all people shut cigar's factories & the plantations before reinvesting to another good business & farms to reemploy the labors. 

All bad guys must feel fear to the true laws & public punishments for a goodness.



In darkly Obama said honestly on West Papua: 

You are all stupid. 

That is why toxic cigars & smoking cars are sold in indonesia to poison the evil nests like islam do with noisy mosques also alcoholic drinks & illegal drugs. The good things with high quality we must be for the best nations on this old one earth.

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Those are why indonesian workers are low quality & so evil. 

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@Airtell @FRAO  

From The Presidents: 

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All mosques must be built on their islamic localizations, Not in the free public places. 

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@DepLu @FRAO  

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Java forgot that they are surrounded by Sumatra Borneo Celebes & the other islands. 

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Praying can be everywhere everytime when walking sitting even sleeping or in a dream. 

A famous doctor explained that: 

Allah is just a fantasy from human's hope for a lonely soul to find a final destination, the sense while suffering or dying, like the first muslims in the hell arabian deserts. 

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Too much associated with something can make radical when lose it. 


@DepLu @FRAO  

muslims know this facts: 

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The first islam is not loud because moh.saw the prophet prays without loudspeaker. 

Simply Mute the noisy mosques or sell them for housing or more productive things. 

Quiet praying can be everywhere everytime when walking sitting even sleeping in a dream.


@Airtell @FRAO

Who is indonesia? 

Everybody is different even two clones are different by its two existences.


I smoked tobacco for over 30 years. I used my first ecig in March of 2011, I wasn't looking to quit per say merely looking to save some money. Within two months I no longer WANTED a tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarettes have done for me what the thousands of dollars I spent on "approved" NRT's could not. The backlash that is thrown at these devices have nothing to do with health, but with the money lost by the states thru the sin taxes levied on traditional cigarettes. Pharmaceutical companies are losing money to them as well, and lets not forget all the anti-tobacco organizations who can't stand the fact that people are using a product that doesn't fit into their "Quit or Die" agenda. We have quit smoking on our terms, not ones dictated to us, but that isn't good enough for them. Nicotine use is not smoking, sadly many can not separate the two.


Vape, since 2010 and now completely off burning cigarettes.  From the start, vaping helped me cut down and eventually quit smoking.  I am so grateful to all the friends I've made vaping and look forward to many more healthy years of breathing well.  


QUIT SMOKING10 ways to stop your smoking habit


Vape, havent had tobacco since SEPTEMBER 2012. Came off medicine for asthma 2 weeks after I quit. Before, 24hrs and i would have been sick. Havent taken it since and lung function has improved 100%. Not to mention my blood work has become phenominal. I have no desire to go back to cigarettes.


Business can't wait for the chance to make money, and ignore the fact that they've reach a verdict before their potential to get it right is reached.  A good researcher would ask why cigs are good, not bad.  That is, after all the goal of marketing.  To give their target audience what they want.  

Ecigs take forever to charge, and less time than a cigarette to smoke.  Dim down the power, so there's a bigger drag, and get more from less.  You can't hit it twice and expect the same results.

That's just why I chose not to use them.  Along with the fact that the batteries these things will use will harm my environment more than me.


@Malakai_SchagerYou must not have tried the newer devices.  Get a good mod like the MVP 2.0 from itazte and a good clearo like the EVODs or ProTank 2 .  Every hit is excellent and I only have to charge every 2 or 3 DAYS.  These things are improving rapidly compared to what they were.  What you said was true of the earlier devices, the new ones are great and I will NEVER go back! Try them again before you dismiss them entirely.  It is just like anything else when new, they improve with each new generation of devices.  Computers, cars, you name it all went through rough starts.