McDonald’s Employee Website Yanked After Ridicule

A tip to employees to avoid eating fast food was just the latest in a string of embarrassing posts on the McDonald's internal resource site

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

McDonald’s has taken down a website for its employees that faced ridicule for its seemingly tone-deaf advice.

The site’s latest gaffe: a post, reported by CNBC on Monday, that told employees to avoid fast food in favor of a “healthier choice.”

The health tip came on the heels of financial advice posted to the site, McResource Line, that was assailed as out of touch with the reality for most employees. A recent study found that more than half of families of fast-food workers receive assistance from a public program like food stamps, CNN reports.

A post earlier this month provided advice on how much one should tip pool cleaners and housekeepers. And in July, the site published a sample monthly budget as a guideline for employees that didn’t account for food and gas and included income from a second job — seen as a not-so-subtle acknowledgement that McDonald’s wages alone don’t provide a sufficient living wage.

In a statement on its own website, McDonald’s acknowledged that it has taken down the resource site.

“A combination of factors has led us to re-evaluate and we’ve directed the vendor to take down the website,” the company said. “Between links to irrelevant or outdated information, along with outside groups taking elements out of context, this created unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary. None of this helps our McDonald’s team members.”



Once upon a time ago, jobs such as those at McDonald's were intended to be short-term, low-wage, high-stress positions for the fourteen to seventeen year olds of the Baby Boomer generation.  The same went for cashier jobs, bagging jobs, stocking jobs.

Today, those are the only positions HIRING with any regularity, and they're NOT going to the 14-17 year olds these days.  Look at Walmart sometime.  The cashiers there are Baby Boomers who can't get hired at better jobs because THEY'RE TOO OLD (Yes, age discrimination is illegal, but it's impossible to prove without a lot of money to spend on lawyers, which older people who NEED to sue can't afford to hire).

When jobs went to the kids, it's understandable to pay low wages.  Kids have been exploited for years and have no real financial responsibilities while living at home (Hence why the COULD be exploited).  But the older folks are one hires, the more financially responsible they have to be.  We don't give them a pass in society (not that we should), but we should pay them a living wage.  The slave wages that constitute the "minimum wage" are a joke.  "Minimum wage" should be a LIVEABLE wage based on one's local economy.  We have computers these days that make figuring out that kind of thing EASY.

Those who rant about lower profits forget that businesses are FLUSH with cash and only need to stay in the black - not so deep into the black that they can bankroll more money than the GDP of five industrialized nations combined.  Furthermore, the more money put into circulation, the more people spend, the faster demand goes up and the more jobs are created to meet that demand, resulting in more income available to be spent.

Keeping wages low and hiring the most productive of our citizens because age discrimination for better jobs is rampant and unchallenged only hurts the economy.  I don't know that the minimum wage needs to be doubled, but then, even at ten bucks an hour, I don't know any family who can survive on their own with only ONE $1600/month in gross income job (about $1150 after taxes and not accounting for up to a 9.8% sales tax).

Why does that matter?

People talk about how irresponsible kids are today.  What do you expect when both parents are working themselves to death just to stay in the equivalent of a slightly upscale cardboard box, driving a ten year old death trap and more worried about making sure there's food on the table than whether Junior or Princess are learning proper manners for a state dinner?

It all comes down to income, folks.  No one's time is "worth" more than any one else's.  It's only a matter of how much traditional-minded (as in plantation-minded) corporations want to pay and how many jobs they open up when they're not lashing their workers to get more out of them to avoid hiring anyone new.  And as long as they can bleed us dry, they're not going to pay us any more or hire any more people than they possibly can get away with - legally or illegally.  A substantially higher minimum wage is an imperfect solution to the problem, but at least it's a solution.  If we wait until we can get a perfect one, the new revolt against our wealthy owners will have long since passed and we'll have an entirely different, and more humane, approach to employment.


 "along with outside groups taking elements out of context"

I wonder if the corporate office could tell us what the proper context is for having a second job to meet a budget or improving your health by avoiding fast food. Enquiring minds want to know.


I protest with my wallet..... I stopped eating there 20 years ago.


shame on mcd, instead of fixing the problem they prefer hiding it - sort of like north korea right ! hide the reality from the workers and that will fix the problem- is it ?


Love the tone that 'it's all everyone else's fault that you think our employees aren't paid crap and require additional assistance to eat adequately'--even though they are.