Target Now in the Crosshairs of the Justice Department

Investigators probe one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history

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Alex Wong / Getty Images

The U.S. Justice Department has launched an investigation into Target after hackers stole credit and debit card data from 40 million customer accounts.

The retailer said on Monday that it was cooperating with investigators from the Justice Department, according to CBS News. Target also said it would team up with the U.S. Secret Service to conduct an internal review.

Affected customers have filed at least five lawsuits against Target.


We live in a country where the precedence is that people need to be protected from themselves. And that it is corporate America's job to do it. Reference the McDonald's lawsuit where the customer burned themselves with hot coffee and won the case.


I would like to remind people that Target is not the criminal, the hackers are the criminal. Everyone is hell-bent on punishing Target. What about the people that entered their computer system? Has anyone even mentioned punishing the people that perpetrated the crime? The people that were the victim of the crime get punished and the people that caused the crime get away scott free. Only on the Internet is the victim persecuted as though they were the criminal and the criminal is treated like a hero. When you can enter computer systems with impunity is it any wonder why these things keep happening.