Target Denies Data Breach Included Stolen PINs

The troubled retailer insists PINs "not compromised" in one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history

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Victor J. Blue / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Yes, hackers breached 40 million credit and debit card accounts, but Target insists that personal identification numbers (PINs) remain secure, contrary to what’s being reported in the press.

CBS News reports that an anonymous executive “familiar with the situation” said that hackers stole encrypted PIN numbers to customers’ bank accounts. Target denies the claim, saying: “To date, there is no evidence that unencrypted PIN data has been compromised.”

Target has offered to monitor credit reports for affected customers. Two lawsuits have so far been filed against the giant Minneapolis-based retailer.

[CBS News]


Target denies nothing in their statement... CBS reported that encrypted PIN data was compromised. Yet Target assures us nothing "unencrypted" was stolen.

It seems Target's biggest issue in this - and the reason PINs are stored by the retailer - is their debit Red Card. These cards require a PIN for all in-store transactions, and are tied directly to the holder's bank account through the routing number. When I spoke to my bank earlier, I learned that it's these cards which are of greatest concern to the Fraud division.


The Government wants your information. Information is always and will       ALWAYS        be wanted by another persons eyes.  Look at Google for example.  

Google is coming out with a Debit Card now ? Google has 3rd party programs that read your email. Google has Google wallet,  Google wants to auto fill your online purchases by clicking "auto fill" on amazon and ebay / newegg.? They want to see and keep track of your purchases now with the Google Debit card. It's like wow ? just install a Camera in my house to watch me shower and feed my dog and kids while you're at it?  Mark my words, Stay away from - Online sales and stay away from credit cards. Go cash only instore sales. Cash will never be Denied. 


The thing here is why would a store even think about saving a pin number meant to remove money from an account?