S&P 500 Drops JC Penney After Staggering Losses

Market value "more representative of the mid cap market"

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LM Otero / Associated Press

Standard & Poor is dropping JC Penney from its S&P 500 Index and replacing the troubled retailer with door lock company Allegion.

The department store retailer’s plummeting market value, which fell 37% this year to $2.7 billion, makes “more representative of the mid cap market,” S&P said in a statement. The change will take place after the close of trading on Nov. 29, moving the residential and commercial lock company Allegion into JC Penney’s place.

The Texas-based company has faced staggering quarterly losses over the past year, its worst sales record in two decades, with shares falling 55 percent this year.



It's from Texas, enough said.


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