New Google Debit Card Draws Funds from Your Virtual Wallet

Introducing the Google Wallet Card

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The Google Wallet Card was announced on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013.

Google will release a prepaid debit card for use in stores and at ATM machines, the company announced Wednesday.

The Google Wallet Card will be tied to users’ Google Wallet accounts, an online payment and money transfer system.

The card, which will only be available in the United States, will be available free of charge and not include monthly or annual fees, Reuters reports.

The card can be ordered online as of Wednesday and usually takes between 10 and 12 days to arrive.



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Apparently Google doesn't have enough of your personal info yet. They know everything you search for on the web. They have your emails which they use to target you with ads. They have now forced your youtube account to link with a Google+ social network profile, so they have all your videos and all your comments, likes and dislikes. They invade your privacy with Android, so they know who you call/text and who calls/texts you, and if you use the Google map app on your smart phone they also know your location 24-hrs a day which they can use to build a pattern of where you go and when. NOW they want you to use the Google debit card so they can keep track of all your financial transactions, where you shop, what you buy, how much you spend, etc. Thanks, but no thanks. I think I'll be taking a pass on the Google debit card.


@WienersPeener if you don't agree with Google's TOS don't use their products, as simple as this, no one holds a gun against your head to use Google services.


@time_user @WienersPeener Actually you are 100% wrong. I have never wanted to sign up for their invasive social network site Google+, but like millions of other Youtube users they gave me no choice. After having opted out numerous times they finally made the site unusable hence forced me to accept their intrusion into my personal data. I have a lot of time and effort invested in those videos and some with nearly 1 million views. Google knows that people don't want to destroy years worth of work so they force Youtubers on to Google+ so they can inflate the user tallies and charge more for advertisers. I'd pretty much call that holding a gun to our head.


@WienersPeener You seriously think Google is the only company collecting your personal information. Your credit card companies have more real-time information about you then Google does if you think about it.


@Mister_Common_Sense @WienersPeenerWell that is a gargantuan leap in logic. Where did I say that "Google is the only company collecting my personal data"? Oh that's right--I didn't. To address your implication, however, it is impossible to function in the modern world without divulging personal information. So I'd rather see to it that no single company has a complete monopoly on ALL my personal information. Credit card companies do not necessarily know who my family and relatives are, they do not know who I am calling, texting, emailing, or the contents of those communications. They do not know what videos I have posted, liked or commented on. They do not know what product reviews I have written. If I spend cash, they do not know I was at a given location. So I completely disagree with your premise.