Timothy Geithner Named President of NYC Private Equity Firm

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary will play active daily role in managing Warburg Pincus

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Kiyoshi Ota / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The former U.S. treasury secretary who is most closely aligned with the financial bailout is heading to Wall Street to helm a private-equity firm.

Timothy Geithner will join New York-based Warburg Pincus in March as the president and managing director, a departure from the typical hands-off positions public figures’ transitions following government roles, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Geithner, who has been attributed with navigating the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 but was criticized for being too easy on Wall Street banks, will focus on the firm’s investment strategy and investor relations.

The new gig will be Geithner’s first private sector job since his early days at Kissinger Associates Inc., a consulting firm owned by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

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Thanks for the heads up.  I'll know to avoid this place now.  But I'm sure he'll do well there.  He knows how things work in the business and how they can avoid any penalties from Washington.


What do you expect, a street walker prostitute hitting the street again after putting out for the banks and giving it to the people, they are all a bunch useless, worthless, soul less, lying, cheating, greedy, sick and demented street walking holes.


Being a Wall Street Banker is a rightful place for the kind of guy of Timothy Geithner.  I recalled vividly seeing him arrogantly defending himself for  tax evasion during the congressional hearing for his nomination as Secretary of Finance.  It was rather ironic seeing a would-be public servant evading tax first then its consequence later in such an audacious fashion.