JC Penney Will Sell Fewer Martha Stewart Products

The move is a win for rival Macy's, which sued both Stewart and Penney's for violating what it claimed was an exclusive licensing deal to sell the home diva's wares

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Martha Stewart

JC Penney announced it had revised its partnership with Martha Stewart Living on Monday, reducing the amount of products branded by the lifestyle mogul to be sold in stores.

The agreement removes products from JC Penney stores that Macy’s has exclusive rights to, CNN reports, limiting the partnership to window treatments, lighting, rugs, and holiday products. JC Penney also relinquished its stake in Stewart’s company.

Macy’s, which filed lawsuits against Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and JC Penney in February 2012 claiming both had violated an exclusive license it had to make and sell Stewart’s products, said the agreement is “a tacit admission by both Penney and MSLO that Macy’s is the only store that can sell Martha Stewart bed, bath, and kitchen goods and that the contract that Penney and MSLO entered into to sell Martha Stewart bed, bath, and kitchen goods at Penney was illegal.”

In the statement announcing the revised agreement, Penney Chief Executive Mike Ullman said, “We are happy to be moving forward.”



The revised partnership to sell fewer Martha Stewart products was a coerced outcome from the judge's abuse of his judicial powers.  This judge of diversity defiantly refused to make a timely, fair decision in the case and deliberately protracted the case to coerce a settlement or outcome on Macy's terms. With a pervasive bias for Macy's, the judge made a mockery of justice in the case.  Obviously, performance standards needs to be imposed on this judge of diversity by the Commission on Judicial Conduct with his removal as a judge.

Macy's never had any "exclusive rights" co-existing with K-Mart.  Consumer response should be a boycott of Macy's and JC Penney, except for the Martha Stewart brand, for reduced consumer choice and jobs for Americans and repudiation of the free market economy.