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Money Talking: Goodbye Company Health Plans?

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Obamacare’s public exchanges for health insurance will open for business on Oct. 1. Individuals will be able to start comparing plans and signing up for health insurance online. But as that watershed moment approaches, new signals of ways private employers may change offering health insurance are coming seemingly everyday. Walgreens, IBM, Time Warner and others have already announced major shifts in their policies in advance of Obamacare’s changes. TIME’s Rana Foroohar and the New York Times’ Joe Nocera discuss what that may mean in the long-term for employer-provided plans.


Have some great links for you to read as well on that topic as I have been covering a lot of this for about 5 years, today start ups in healthcare, VC just roll the money out to those start ups that have data selling in their biz models, and getting worse..

I agree with the folks being nervous about who's managing the private exchagnes to where they need to go to purchase their insurance, Investor Relation firms where the shareholder is always #1.  I looked at the sites with Tower and AON and they are consultants who crank CEOs and are also in all kinds of other insurance business and I had to laugh that AON provides ransom and kidnapping insurance...actually tells me the consult for some pretty high profile CEOs and other if they are advertising it:)  Here's a pot on that topic and you would think an outside unconnected service would be better but the consultants are going to be there with suggestions to the companies on how to cut and save more too, it's what they do so again a good reason for employees and retirees to be nervous as you don't know what the consultants might cook up in a model to increase shareholder profits while hurting the little guys.  Use your head, the consultants are not managing the private exchanges for nothing as they don't do anything without having a payoff for you said money talks.