How Optimism Can Hurt Your Team

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For managers, optimism may seem like a great trait to have: A boss with a can-do attitude motivates others and makes them feel good. But there’s a downside too. An excessively positive outlook on a tough project may give the impression that you think the work is easy and doesn’t require any struggle. And, when you aren’t concerned about or dismiss the problems your team faces, it leaves others to worry about those risks. You might also send the message that mistakes and failure are not an option because the work should be a breeze. Wise managers know that missteps are inevitable, and that failure is just the price of creativity. So next time you want to ask your team, “How hard can it be?” reconsider whether you’re being overly optimistic.

Adapted from “Your Optimism Might Be Stifling Your Team,” by Liz Wiseman.

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Optimism is helpful. Indeed indispensable to success whether of an individual or a team. Being optimistic towards your personal goals is alright and saying to yourself it is not hard either it is acceptable but when it comes to the team goals or the organizational you need to acknowledge first that it is hard, yet we all have to strive to give our best. It is important to see both the best case scenario as well as the worst case scenario. Great post! :)