Train Your Tired Brain

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If you’re stressed out and tired, it’s hard to learn new things. Exercise, sleep, and a good diet are all essential for keeping your brain in peak condition, but you can also do the following to perform at your cognitive and creative best:

  • Change perspectives. Improve mental flexibility by rapidly trying on new points of view. This exercises your mind. For example, what would a potential customer think about this idea? Your boss? Your competitors?
  • Reboot. Take a break from work every hour, or more often if you’re already frazzled. Get out of your chair, water a plant, or just let your mind wander. These breaks recharge your brain.
  • Summon a positive thought. Negative emotions impair thinking, memory, creativity, and strategic thinking. Try to crowd out unconstructive thoughts with positive ones, which improve these capabilities.

Adapted from “Prepare Your Brain for Change” by Margaret Moore.

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All you need is to relax your mind! Relaxation is something that you should never be taken for granted. Given all the stress we encounter, from work to personal relationships to financial difficulties, we can all benefit from enjoying a relaxing moment with our love ones. :)


As much as I admire positive thinking, it’s more all about “zen” thinking. Daily meditation works for me, as it relaxes my mind as opposed to putting energy into thinking positive things and after a while you start to drain yourself quickly. Both ways work, though, I give you that.


You should never ever try to train a Hippo Butt.