Create a Happier Team

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Happy, engaged employees are good for an organization. Research shows they are more creative, produce better results, and are willing to go the extra mile. What’s more, happiness is contagious; it creates a virtuous cycle that leads to further engagement. To bring more of that into your team, focus on what psychologists have identified as the three pathways to happiness: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Consider whether you are actively encouraging these things in your people. Do they enjoy their relationships and their environment at work? Do they laugh? Do they fill roles that fit their skill sets and offer appropriate challenges? Do they feel they’re a part of something that matters? If the answer is no to any of these questions, brainstorm how you can adjust the team environment to bring more happiness in.

Adapted from “How Happy Is Your Organization?” by Susan David.

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Great post! I too believe that a team where people maintain healthy work life balance is bound to succeed. Only work is not important and it is necessary to keep our-self and the team motivated. This helps a lot in increasing the productivity of the team. Our emotions at work impact all areas of our life so this positivity can make a real difference to our success and well-being.