Expand Your Company’s Innovation Network

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Organizations get it wrong when they rely on only a few people to come up with all the new ideas. Instead, they should connect many colleagues who have the right skills and can foster innovation in others. Here are the three essential elements of such a network:

  • Get the right people involved. The group has to include upper-level managers who can fund projects, leaders who have had success with past innovations, and technical experts.
  • Cultivate the network. Give this extended group opportunities to mix together in productive ways. Hold regular meetings, events, and talks where innovators from across the organization can get together and share their experience.
  • Educate others. Implement a company-wide education program, led by those in the network, on how to develop good ideas and how to transform good ideas into actionable plans.

Adapted from “How to Create an Innovation Ecosystem” by Art Markman.


Pluralistic systems of communication, cooperation and collaboration will be the cornerstones of global economic dynamism in the future for those who understand this. Nations and corporates will come and go by the wayside if they do not adhere to this all encompassing thinking in the 21st century. Indeed an inclusive system will always win over an elitist system due solely to numbers. In this respect the more people who are a part of an enterprise the more probability that their company will win through. therefore corporations should start to open up their doors to independent thinkers and not shun them because they do not come from the right university or corporate background. For the history of S&T has shown that it is independent thinkers who come up with the fundamental ideas that create global industries. In this respect there are untold numbers of these leading-edge thinkers who have changed the world forever and have come from backgrounds that were not really scientific or engineering at their base. For they were simply thinkers with tenacity, intuition and had a great deal of creativity. Indeed around 75% of all the world's changing inventions at the fundamental stage according to the history of S&T, emanated from independent innovators and inventors.

Dr David Hill

World Innovation Foundation