Master a New Skill

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Self-improvement is necessary to getting ahead. But whether you want to be better at public speaking, using social media, or analyzing data, how do you start? Here are three general rules to follow:

  • Start small. Learning new skills can feel overwhelming. Focus on one and break it down into manageable goals. For example, if you’re trying to become more assertive, push yourself to talk in the first five minutes of a meeting.
  • Reflect along the way. Think about what you’re learning, otherwise the new skill won’t stick. Talk about your progress with others to get valuable feedback, keep you accountable, and cement the change.
  • Teach it to others. One of the quickest ways to learn something new, and to practice it, is to show others how to do it. Share what you learn with your team, your manager, or your co-workers.

Adapted from “How to Master a New Skill” by Amy Gallo.

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