What Motivates Employees

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Money seems to motivate a majority of employees, but there are other ways employees find satisfaction in their jobs, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder.

The survey, which examined the responses of 2,600 hiring professionals and 4,000 employees, found that 55% of employees aren’t impressed by a fancy title, and salary matters more than a title for 88% of employees, so you can pretty much disregard titles as a way to motivate your employees unless you know there’s one they really covet.

But there are other ways of motivating your workers if you can’t afford to pay them everything they’d like. Of those, quality of life and rewarding work seem to matter most.

According to CareerBuilder, 59% of employees value a flexible schedule more than a title, and a third would rather telecommute. 48% would prefer to make a difference in their jobs, and 35% would rather have challenging work. 18% would value academic reimbursement more than a title, and 17% would prefer to have their own offices.

So there are a number of ways you can reward employees that won’t cost you a ton of money, and best of all, they also might make your small business a better place to work.

Adapted from Employees Most Value Salary and Quality of Life by Dennis McCafferty at CIO Insight.

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The survey does identify the basic core needs that motivates everyone. What everyone wants is a fair wage to cover their expenses and allow them to live the lifestyle they desire. Then what makes a job desirable is the benefits or perks such as a flexible schedule and telecommuting but also what they stand for and how they treat their people. When you get down to the heart of the matter what this and other research has shown is that what people desire most is to feel empowered, valued and connected to the vision and values of the company. People will in fact take a postion with a company for less pay (as long as it is fair and meets their needs) and invest more time and discretionary effort to work for a company they admire and that inspires them. Culture, Communication, Vision and Values are the key ingredients to create a a great work place and that is the best way to engage your team. Something as simple as a thank you and sincere great job once in while can make a big difference in a persons engagement. Every company can embrace a culture of appreciation to build a foundation that can make their organization a great place to work.