Get the Parental Leave You Want

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When you’re about to become a mother or father, it’s critical to know how much time you can take off and with what pay. Here are three tips for getting the leave you want.

  • Do thorough research. Review your organization’s employee manual or talk with someone in HR to understand the official policy. Then ask around to find out what other people have gotten and how other companies compare to your own.
  • Talk to your manager. Most individualized arrangements start as a negotiation between a valued employee and her manager. Bring it up with your boss as a problem you’re hoping to solve together, not a demand or threat.
  • Ask for the longest amount of time you can afford. People often underestimate how long they’ll want to take— you can always return to work earlier if you choose to.

Adapted from “How to Negotiate Your Parental Leave” by Amy Gallo.

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