Customer Events Can Position You for Success

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Public appearances can be a great way to promote your product or service, but if you’re having trouble getting noticed at crowded trade shows and conferences, consider launching your own events for customers and prospects.

Virtual events like conference calls and webinars can be one way to reach out to customers, and renting off-hours conference space is another. An event that brings together customers and potential customers is one way of letting customers know that you appreciate them – and letting prospective clients hear your success stories.

Events let you connect with many clients at once in an environment that promotes you more as an expert than a salesperson. So don’t get up on stage and do a PowerPoint sales presentation; make it a collaborative event so attendees feel more engaged and involved.

Instead of delivering a sales pitch, demonstrate how you achieve success for your clients. Give attendees something they can use regardless of whether they do business with you; it will build your reputation, and potential customers will keep you in mind if they ever need your services.

Invite authors, CEOs and noted consultants to share insights about your industry. And moderating a compelling panel discussion is another way to get people thinking about you as someone to look to for answers.

Adapted from Grow Sales with a Solid Business Event Strategy by Joe Taylor Jr. at Small Business Computing.