Stand Out in Your Interview

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You get one chance to impress in a job interview. Perform well and the job may well be yours. Fail and you’re back to sending out resumes. Here are three tips for getting it right:

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Find out as much as possible about the company, how it’s organized, its culture, relevant industry trends, and some information about the interviewer.
  • Ace the first 30 seconds. First impressions matter. Start off by speaking clearly but slowly, walk with confidence, and think through what “props” you will carry so you don’t appear over-cluttered.
  • Tell stories. In interviews, people respond to narratives far more than they do data. Prepare concise stories that demonstrate your ability to do the job. Make sure they have a good opening line, such as, “I’m going to tell you about a time that I rescued the organization.”

Adapted from “Stand Out in Your Interview” by Amy Gallo.

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