How to Help Customers Find You

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If customers are having trouble finding you, you may need to change the way you think.

Todd Ebert, chief marketing officer for online marketing firm ReachLocal, recommends that small business owners put themselves in the mindset of the average consumer. Think about how you buy things – and how people might find your products or services.

You typically start with a Google search. You look for reviews, informative videos, comments on social media sites and recommendations from friends and family. You visit relevant message boards and online communities to learn about the experiences of other consumers. You try free samples and trials when you can.

Use that perspective to make sure that your product can be found by all those means. That means a strong website, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and YouTube videos. Use keywords in prominent places so searchers can find you. Solicit customer testimonials. Consider targeted local ads – they could pay for themselves. And search for mentions of your company and products online to make sure the information about you out there is accurate and easy to find.

Adapted from 5 Tips for Reaching Consumers When They’re Ready to Buy by Pedro Hernandez at Small Business Computing.


What is one tool that people often use to find a certain location? Map! Through, businesses owners can help their customers find them through mapping. Maps can be embedded thereby making it easy for the customers to familiarize them with the locations. As a data analytic tool, can also help businesses visualize their data so they can derive with the right steps to take to run their business and connect with their customers more effectively.


Thanks for the post Paul! As someone who works in really early stage startups, I'm always looking for new strategies to get the word out about my company. Great advice!