Keeping Great Employees Engaged

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Startups can attract talented employees in search of the exciting challenges and big rewards that a new venture can offer, so you want to be sure they’re engaged and growing while pursuing those rewards.

To make the best use of great employees, create an environment where they have room to succeed – and give them the support and training to get there, says Pamela Springer, CEO of Manta, an online community for small businesses.

Understand their needs, interests and goals and provide the skills and management training they need so they’re ready to move up as you grow.

Empower them to make decisions. Set objectives, boundaries and expected outcomes, and then let them determine how to get there. “Empowered associates tend to perform better at their jobs,” Springer notes.

And create a culture of teamwork. In a small business with big ambitions, you really are all in this together.

Adapted from 3 Tips to Boost Employee Morale at Small Business Computing.