Social Media Users Expect Great Customer Service

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There’s no question that social media has changed the way customers interact with companies.

The downside is that there’s a lot more pressure to respond to customer complaints that are aired on public forums like Twitter and Facebook. But the upside is that a well handled complaint can create a ton of goodwill.

A recent survey from NM Incite notes that consumers seeking customer service via social media channels – or “social care” – have very high expectations. They expect a response from the company the same day – and they expect their problem to be resolved.

Nearly half of social media users have sought customer service via social channels, and 71% of those who have a positive experience are likely to recommend the brand or company, compared with just 19% of those who get no response. That’s a lot of potential reward for having a good social care program – and a big risk for companies with poor social care.

Admittedly, social media can take up a lot of time that a small business can ill afford. But if you have a public-facing company, it’s something you need to be doing, and if you do it well, you should see plenty of positive results.

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It is a necessary next step for companies to listen and respond to their customers in the style their customers are using. There are incredible software products available that organize all incoming feedback, from traditional and social media routes into a single location. This keeps the process from becoming overwhelming and allows companies to engage ,real time, with their customers in a meaningful manner. 

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"But if you have a public-facing company, it’s something you need to be doing, and if you do it well, you should see plenty of positive results"So true! But "doing it well" is easier said than done! Companies need to get creative and step out of their comfort zones to really get any traction on social networks. Aside from great customer service (which is crucial indeed) social media users want to be inspired and entertained. They want to engage in a conversation, rather than being a passive recipient of a message. Brands like Sharpie, as well as some other smaller companies in rather "boring" categories have managed to do a great job across the various social channels. Here's an article with 7 case studies of creative and successful social media campaigns by brands:

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Social media is changing customer service strategies. This is actually a great opportunity to get more feedback, respond quickly and deliver a better level of service. It is surprising how many companies aren’t taking advantage of the social media channels that can help them deliver better service.