How to Find and Recruit Talent without Spending a Fortune

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You might not have a hiring department or recruiters on speed dial, but you can still compete for top talent with a little work.

LinkedIn is an obvious place to start. Use your connections – and your connections’ connections – to find qualified candidates who might be willing to make a change. LinkedIn also offers recruiting tools, but they might be out of your price range. But upgrading to a premium membership account won’t cost you much and could give you the greater access you need. Join some relevant LinkedIn groups and look for some candidates there or influencers who might be able to recommend someone.

And don’t neglect good old-fashioned face-to-face networking. Join professional groups and attend functions. Co-working spaces can be another good place to network. And might have events that meet your needs.

But don’t wait until it’s critical to start these kinds of activities. Networking is something every small business owner and professional should be doing. You never know what kind of opportunities it will lead to.

Adapted from Find and Recruit Talent for Your Small Business at Small Business Computing.