Make Progress on That Long-Term Project

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Big projects with far-off (or non-existent) deadlines can often be the most nerve-racking: You might put them off until the last minute, or let them sit on your to-do list mentally torturing you for months. Here’s how to keep moving forward:

  • Make it a priority. If you have too many important goals, you’ll never get to the big ones. Slash your list until you’re left with only five, the long-term assignment being one of them.
  • Round up what you need. It’s hard to get started without the necessary tools, information, skills, and support.
  • Break it into smaller pieces. Group the work into manageable chunks and make sure you know how to do the first thing. Set a deadline for that first task and put it in your calendar.

Adapted from the Guide to Getting the Right Work Done.

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