Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

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A business blog may not seem like the best use of your limited time, but there are several reasons why one makes sense.

For starters, it keeps your site fresh and can boost your search engine ranking, notes Maryalene LaPonsie at Small Business Computing. It can establish you as an expert, which can make people think of you when it’s time to buy.

You can promote your blog on social media, which can get it shared and generate interest. Include social media buttons on the blog to make it more shareable. If it’s insightful enough, people will bookmark your blog and revisit it just to see what you have to say.

And allow people to comment on your blog; you might get some helpful feedback (and yes, helpful criticism too).

If it’s too much for you to take on, let an employee do it, with your oversight. It might just help their professional development.

Adapted from Do You Really Need a Small Business Blog? at Small Business Computing.


This is a fantastic piece and invaluable advice during a struggling economy. I think far too many of us shrug off a blog as unnecerssary however, during a time in which business lending are strained; it is the little things that will make all the difference and ensure growth remains a possibility. 


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We couldn't agree more! Our small business blog has done for us all the things you mention here. Plus, people have begun to identify us as their source for small business and tax news, advice, and insight, making our name synonymous with small business and tax issues. If it wasn't already ;)