What Makes Employees Want to Stay

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If you’ve gone through the effort to hire the right people for the job, you want them to stay. So what makes employees want to stick around?

According to a recent “Workforce Retention Survey” by the American Psychological Association, today’s professionals seek a broad range of positive qualities from their companies, which isn’t surprising when you consider that they spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Women and older workers are much more likely to cite reasons such as job satisfaction and work-life balance for staying in a job, while men are more motivated by money.

David Ballard, who heads the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, notes that “top employers create an environment where employees feel connected to the organization and have a positive work experience that’s part of a rich, fulfilling life.”

Two-thirds of employees stay with a job because they enjoy what they do, although work-life balance matters too. Good benefits and pay help, as do positive relationships with co-workers.

The bottom line: If you want employees to stay, create a positive, fulfilling environment for them. Money helps, but it’s not the only thing motivating much of the workforce.

Adapted from What Workers Want to Stay at Their Job at Baseline Magazine.