Polishing Your Elevator Pitch

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Making your sales point quickly and effectively is a critical skill for any entrepreneur.

In “Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect,” author Terri Sjodin says you should focus on at most three compelling points. Use an objective tone, and support your points with indisputable metrics and strong examples.

Constantly ask yourself “So what?” If you can’t figure out how your product or service can work wonders for an organization, don’t expect anyone else to.

Practice your elevator speech and get feedback from friends, trusted colleagues and family, and be ready to deliver it on a moment’s notice should the opportunity arise.

And when it comes time to deliver your pitch, dress the part and avoid excessive hand movements. Let forceful language deliver your message. And don’t expect a big win every time; incremental gains are enough.

Adapted from Ten Tips for Pitching Winning Proposals at Baseline Magazine.