How to Recharge Your Leadership in Trying Times

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It’s been a tough five years for the economy and anyone associated with it. The worst recession and bear market since the 1930s. Shrinking nest eggs. Mass layoffs. Chronic unemployment and underemployment. And those lucky enough to have jobs can find themselves burdened by fear of job loss and the pressure to “do more with less.”

Those same pressures can take a toll on the leaders in your organization too. To combat those negative forces and re-energize your organization, start with yourself, recommends Mohan Nair, author of “Strategic Business Transformation: The 7 Deadly Sins to Overcome.”

Nair advises “getting back to your basic beliefs and rediscovering your passion in light of a new reality.” Find what you’re great at and figure out how you can use that to bring value to your organization and customers in a transformed world. Find your passion – be it customer service, mentoring or innovation – and let it drive everything you do. And find the holes in your knowledge, skills and experience that hinder you from leading effectively and fill them. Discover servant leadership and lead not by ego, but in service to a higher order.

And discover where the momentum is in your company – the product like the iPhone that people didn’t even know they needed.

Adapted from How to Recharge Your Leadership Mojo at Baseline Magazine.