Stop Wasting Your Boss’s Time

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It’s easy to complain about a manager who wastes time. It’s much harder to see how you might misuse that manager’s time. Here are three ways to minimize the impact you have on your supervisor’s tight schedule:

  • Self-delegate. Avoid requesting her intervention too often. If you or one of your direct reports can accomplish the task without your boss’s help, do it.
  • Present solutions, not problems. Don’t bring problems to your boss to solve. Instead, bring proposed solutions, and seek his feedback.
  • Accommodate her working style. For example, if she prefers to receive information in writing rather than in person, honor those preferences even if it’s not your style.

Adapted from the Harvard ManageMentor Online Module: Time Management.

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During my 30+ years working, many of them in supervisory positions, I noticed three types of employees the first never wants to see you, wishing to work autonimously, the second will sometime ask for you input or oversight when they feel they need it for whatever reason, and the third wants (yea expects) you to micro-manage their day, filling it up with the drama of their job or personal life. The third also intrudes on types 1 and 2 when the supervisor isn't there. These Type 3's are responsible for most of the "office drama" that becomes a huge waste of everyones time. Personally I learned to live well with one and two, and praised the day type 3's were transferred or promoted away.  


Why does the author assume my boss is a "she?"