Reveal Your Intentions to Build Trust

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People’s trust in you is largely determined by your intentions. Here are three ways to prove your sincerity.

  • Talk explicitly about what you want. Tell your team the values and motives that guide your decisions. Don’t assume people will see them. Say them outright and invite discussion.
  • Walk the talk. Maintain integrity between what you say and what you do. This will prove your authenticity.
  • Be consistent. What you practice should be the same from day to day, from person to person, from situation to situation. If it’s not, people will doubt you. When there are discrepancies, explain them.

Adapted from “For People to Trust You, Reveal Your Intentions” by Linda Hill & Kent Lineback.

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As a consultant, I can affirm that revealing your intentions is a key point. However, the challenge is to know exactly what we should communicate (should I reveal the process and method I will follow during the mission?), how doing this and when... To get a deeper insight, I have found this article that gives great tips about how you can improve your communication to build trust: