How to Get Affordable Legal Help for Your Startup

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If you’re launching a startup, chances are you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on legal help. So how can you get the legal help you need without spending a fortune?

For simple tasks like registering as an LLC or forming a business, free sites like LegalZoom, LawDepot and RocketLawyer might be enough.

For more complex legal issues, LawPivot offers a “crowdsourced” service that could get your question answered by multiple lawyers.

If those avenues aren’t enough to cover your legal needs, start with your personal network. It’s always nice to have a lawyer in the family, but if they’re hesitant to give family members advice, they may know of a good practice that could help a startup in your area. And a firm that helps startups might be willing to negotiate on price in hopes of getting more business later.

There are so many important legal issues for startups, like intellectual property, patents and employee contracts, that it may well be worth the time and money to get them right.

Adapted from Affordable Legal Help for Startups at Small Business Computing.

Matthew Faustman
Matthew Faustman

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