Companies See Opportunity in Social Media

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Companies are getting savvier about social media, if a recent survey is any indication.

Some 61% of U.S. companies monitor consumer conversations on social media, and 83% of them answer complaints and questions via social media, according to a new survey from InSites Consulting. Only a quarter of U.S. companies have no social media presence.

As consumers are turning more and more to public social media sites to air their product likes and dislikes, that shouldn’t be too surprising. Social media is becoming an important customer relations channel, and it’s also a great source of intelligence on both your own and your competitor’s products.

So what are the most important sites to be on? If the survey is any indication, an overwhelming 80% favor Facebook, while just under half are on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Only a few companies – less than 20% – have aligned their social media presence with a broader corporate strategy, so that appears to be the next big frontier in corporate social media strategy.

The bottom line: If your product or service is used by consumers, you need to be spending time on social media listening and talking to them. Your competitors probably already are.

Adapted from Making Connections with Social Media at Baseline Magazine.