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Money Talking: Is a Celebrity CEO a Good Thing?

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Pregnant tech superstar Marissa Mayer’s appointment to be CEO of Yahoo has people talking about the struggle for work-life balance. But another big question is whether celebrity CEOs are the best people to execute successful corporate turnarounds. Listen to Joe Nocera and me talk about this, as well as whether the Olympic Games actually result in any real economic benefits for the cities that host them, in this week’s edition of Money Talking on WNYC.

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Raz Silberman
Raz Silberman

The success of celebrity CEOs is a big concern for a company in Yahoo's position. They just don't have much time for another unsuccessful CEO.

The bigger issue may be not the celebrity status of Mayer but the fact that she was not a CEO before. Moving from #2 to #1 is a big step, especially in a new environment. More in this subject at - From Tuna to Big Kahuna -

Firozali A.Mulla
Firozali A.Mulla

Today ...Minutes from the July meeting of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee revealed the committee is considering a further interest rate cut to try and boost the economy. It would be the first move in interest rates since they were cut to an all-time low of 0.5pc in March 2009.“It’s a realisation that things have got worse. It’s a kitchen sink approach. It smacks a little bit of panic,” said Sam Hill, a fixed income strategist at RBC Capital Markets.The latest government borrowing data suggest the Chancellor is on course to miss its deficit cutting targets this year, and those targets were set in March against assumed growth of 0.7pc in 2012. The weaker growth outlook since then threaten to put targets even further out of reach.“This level of growth is not consistent with hitting the fiscal targets, "President Obama claims he’s overseen the creation of fewer regulations than his predecessors. But his administration has actually issued far more expensive and economically costly regulations, adding billions of dollars in compliance costs for businesses and job creators" Republican lawmakers in the United States Senate have blocked a legislation backed by President Barack Obama that would cease tax incentives to the Americans companies that outsource jobs overseas. The bill fell four votes short of the 60 needed to bring it to debate, with 42 voting against it. Immediately thereafter the White House accused Republicans of "playing politics and coming in the way of jobs creation in the United States." During the presidential campaign season, job creation is at the top of the agenda of Democrats and they are blaming outsourcing as a big contributor to the high unemployment rate in the country. "Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress blocked this proposal from moving forward. Rather than encouraging companies to bring jobs back to our shores, they chose to play politics and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, said in the past decade, American companies outsourced almost 2.5 million jobs. "Today, Republicans blocked the Senate from debating a common-sense bill that would provide a new tax incentive to create more jobs here at home, and eliminate subsidies for companies that are shipping American jobs overseas," he alleged. NO JOBS CREATION MEANS we will have more problems in USA and there will be the domino effect. While in India The new guidelines to revive Special Economic Zones may get delayed as Commerce and Finance Ministries have differences over several proposals. "Finance ministry has objections on every issue...on land, on setting up of power plants, incentives to units in under-developed states...," a senior official said. The official said exports from special economic zones (SEZs) have increased significantly and accounts for about 30 per cent of the country's total exports. "Increasing exports, huge investments and lakhs of people getting employment clearly reflects that these zones are contributing to the country's economy. We need to revive them," the official added. The reason I always look at the Far East and then come to West is I have two worlds to compare I thank you and we know that we are a village I thank you Firozali A.Mulla DBA