Protect Your Company From Social Media Mayhem

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As companies wade into social media, many find that it’s challenging to develop sound legal policies about the use of this technology. Sharon Toerek, a partner at the Cleveland law firm of Licata & Toerek, says too many companies construct social media policies in a vacuum. “It requires a multidisciplinary approach,” she advises. “You need input from all the groups in the organization.”Toerek and Lisa Zone, a senior vice president at the public relations firm Dix & Eaton, offer these guidelines for companies engaging in social media:

  • Clearly define specific behaviors and actions that aren’t acceptable.
  • Cover the range of events that could theoretically take place, but be specific enough to deal with real events and situations.
  • Extend policies and training to junior employees and independent contractors who post to social media sites.
  • Define who owns the followers and content of company-owned social media accounts.
  • In some cases, specify ownership in a contract between the organization and the employee or contractor.
  • Analyze policies regularly and examine issues and problems as they arise.

Adapted from “Some Social Media Policies Are Unlawful” at

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Equipment Leasing
Equipment Leasing

Many businesses in various industries are embracing the use of social media websites. Business owners know that they can be key to establishing a strong online presence.  My company, for example, uses many types of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. We also have a blog that is consistently updated and provides relevant information to our industry, along with financing tips for our readers. Driving traffic is important, and we do this successfully by providing solid content. This article is great for companies that employ large teams to manage their social media websites. What they post should be consistent and professional; any business running social media should read this and stay informed.

Equipment Leasing
Equipment Leasing

More companies in all types of industries are embracing the social media trends for business purposes. As social media allows businesses to connect to countless other people, what you post and share is very important. For example, the equipment leasing company I work for consistently posts relevant information to our industry and provides financing tips for our readers. We utilize all of our social media websites to drive traffic to our company website, while providing information for anyone who may visit our pages. For companies that have large teams running their social media websites, communication is key; what is shared should stay consistent and professional. This article gives great insight on the topic. I definitely believe that all businesses using social media should read this and stay informed. Thanks!