Don’t Let Data Loss Derail Your Business

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No matter what industry you’re in, few things are more vital to your business than your data. Lost data means lost time and money, and in extreme cases could even put you out of business.

In the event of a data loss situation, don’t panic or despair. First and most important, quickly power down the affected computer, which should prevent lost data from being further corrupted or being overwritten by new data.

Next, consult with a data recovery expert. You’ll likely only pay a small fee for an initial appraisal. Competent vendors often can recover a surprisingly large amount of data.

Another option, especially if the amount of data lost is small, is recovering data yourself using a specialized software utility that combs the file system to piece lost data fragments back into viable files. Some examples include eSupport’s UnDeletePlus and Piriform’s Recuva.

Whether you recover the data yourself or employ the services of a data recovery vendor, the recovery should be attempted only from a cloned copy of the affected disk drive and not the original. If a vendor suggests working directly on a drive, find another vendor.

Adapted from 3 Tips to Help SMBs Understand Data Recovery at Small Business Computing.