Managing Your Time Effectively

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Entrepreneurs never have enough hours in the day, so it’s important to optimize your time to the fullest.

Don Tennant, a blogger for IT Business Edge, gleaned nine great tips for doing so from Jason Womack, a workplace performance expert, executive coach and author of the book, “Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More.”

Womack advises shaving 15 minutes of time from meetings slated for 60 minutes, noting that most people will find they still accomplish everything on the meeting agenda while gaining 15 minutes of “found time” to work toward their goals.

Consider using at least some of this “found time” for a weekly debriefing in which you ask yourself three key questions: What new ideas have emerged? What decisions need to be made? How do I track this information? And spend 10 minutes once or twice a year envisioning the next six months.

Some other time management tips: Do a few small things to get started each year to get a sense of accomplishment. Bring small chunks of work with you wherever you go so you can make progress when you come across some “found time.” Break goals down into smaller, manageable chunks. And delegate – clearly.

Adapted from Nine Tips to Help You Work Smarter and Avoid Workplace Overload at IT Business Edge.


Thanks for the article.

One of the challenges I observed was that lot of things I need to get done or need remembering tend to be buried in my emails or pop in my head at random points but transferring them from email or my head into a calendar task or to-do-list is just too tedious today.

It occurred to me that is why busy (and rich) people hire personal assistants that they can just "tell" what they need to get done.

That led me to ask the question - why can't everyone get a free personal assistant that they can email (or forward/CC existing emails) or text to and it will get on my calendar or task list?

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