Keep Your Spirits Up While Looking for a Job

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It can be hard to stay positive in today’s tough job environment, but it’s critical. Becoming cynical or depressed will work against you, in part because most interviewers, no matter how much you fake it, will pick up on your real feelings. Actively manage your emotions so that you are truly happy, focused, and energetic:

  • Manage yourself. Set reasonable weekly goals for networking, researching, and applying for jobs. Reward yourself for accomplishing them.
  • Put your eggs in many baskets. You’re less likely to get depressed by a single rejection if you have other options in the works.
  • Get out of the house. Do anything that will get you out, teach you something new, connect you with new people, and perhaps become a new line on your resume.

Adapted from “Don’t Let Your Job Search Depress You” by Priscilla Claman.