Don’t Ignore Mobile Customers

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If your website isn’t optimized for mobile users – and chances are, it’s not – you could be missing out on a lot of business.

A recent survey found that a stunning 93% of small business websites don’t render properly on mobile devices. That’s a lot of potential customers who may not be able to find you or who might give up in frustration.

“A small business website that’s optimized for mobile devices is a necessity for success,” says author Vangie Beal. “To be successful, you have to make it easy for consumers with mobile devices to find information or place an order on your website.”

Small business websites also don’t make it easy for visitors to contact them. Three-quarters of small business websites don’t have a contact email link on the home page, and two-thirds don’t even offer a contact form.

Why is a mobile presence so important? Of small businesses that have employed mobile marketing techniques, 84% have reported an increase in new business.

Adapted from Study: Most SMB Websites Fail at Reaching Mobile Consumers and Small Business Mobile Marketing Attracts New Customers at Small Business Computing.