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Money Talking: TIME’s Rana Foroohar Hits the Airwaves With Weekly Radio Show

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Today marked the debut of “Money Talking,” a weekly radio show featuring TIME’s own Curious Capitalist columnist, Rana Foroohar, along with New York Times op-ed columnist Joe Nocera and veteran television journalist Jeff Greenfield, who hosts.

Promising to “translate” the week’s most important economic and business news for those of us not fluent in financial jargon, the show will air in the New York City area each Friday at 7:50 a.m. on WNYC, which is found at 93.9 FM.

During the first installment today, which you can listen to here, Foroohar, Nocera, and Greenfield asked how worried we ought be about our country’s $1 trillion-plus worth of student debt. They also discussed the highly anticipated Facebook IPO, expected in mid-May, in light of the company’s lagging mobile strategy and recently declining profits.

Read about upcoming installments and additional business commentary on the Money Talking website.