Find a Job by Changing the Way You Network

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The best way to find a job is through networking. But, don’t limit your outreach to close friends and current colleagues. Cast a wide net and reach people beyond your immediate circle. Here are three steps to do that:

  • Broadly define your network. You have more contacts than you think. Consider former classmates, former colleagues, clients, and community acquaintances. When you make a contact, ask for introductions to others.
  • View discussions as learning opportunities. Approach meetings as conversations, not interviews. Ask about more than jobs. Ask about the industry, how to succeed, and how to position yourself.
  • Keep good records. Connecting with many people can be complicated. After each meeting, write down what you learned and what you’ll do as a result.

Adapted from “Find a Job with Massive, Structured Networking” by Bill Barnett.