Who is Your Financial Role Model: Elmo or Cookie Monster?

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Courtesy Sesame Workshop

One of them learns how to avoid impulse buys and save up in order to achieve longer-term goals. As for the other: “Me really want cookie!”

Earlier this spring, Sesame Street launched a new series of segments with lessons for kids on spending, sharing, and saving. In one video, Elmo raps (alongside a pair of rapping and dancing penguins):

On Wednesday Elmo wanted to buy ice cream that he craved.
But Elmo didn’t spend at all. No that day Elmo saved.

Tupac, it’s not. But the basic lesson, about delayed gratification, is one that needs to be learned by plenty of kids and adults alike.

On PBS News Hour, Paul Solman recently headed over to Sesame Street to get the scoop from Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, and beyond. Here’s the investigation:

That Cookie Monster is hilarious. He probably has an awful credit score, though.