More Big Players (AT&T, Amazon) Enter Daily Deal Market and Offer an Easy $10 Off

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Despite some indication that interest in Groupon and other daily deal sites is on the wane, the flash deals market keeps getting more and more crowded—with bigger and badder competitors. Facebook rolled out its deals service last week, and now Amazon and AT&T are jumping into the daily deal mosh pit as well.

Yesterday, Amazon introduced Myhabit, which as the NY Times’ Bits blog explains:

sells high-end apparel for men, women and children at deep discounts. The sales, like those on similar sites, start at the same time each day, and shoppers must make their purchases before the clock — or the quantity — runs out.

To attract shoppers to try the service out, Amazon is offering $10 off and free shipping to new Myhabit customers orders if you use the coupon code MYHABIT1 (thanks Buxr) and make a purchase by June 1.

Meanwhile, the old dinosaur of local advertising, the Yellow Pages, is also getting into the group-buying flash deals business. An LA Times blog reports that the Yellow Pages—which is owned by AT&T—will debut a “Deal of the Day” service next month at At least initially, offers will be available in limited cities—specifically Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

As with Amazon’s daily deal program, new customers for the Yellow Pages daily deals can subtract $10 from their first purchase. No coupon code necessary in this instance. AT&T just knocks $10 off the first time a user buys a Deal of the Day.