Birthday Divas: When Adults Demand Gifts, Attention, and Parties on Their Birthdays

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Some words of wisdom for those demanding elaborate shows of love and affection on their birthdays, long after they’ve passed the age of 10: “Birthdays are for kids, except in the rare case when friends go ‘over the top’ for a fellow adult’s birthday, in which case it’s to be enjoyed strictly as the little life bonus it is. As in, it’s not an entitlement.”


Everybody knows those people who gets upset—depressed, angry, even passive aggressively or openly vengeful—when friends and family don’t make a sufficiently big deal about their birthdays. Even when it’s like their 36th birthday.

Thank the Washington Post’s Carolyn Hax for telling it straight and putting those high-maintenance birthday celebrants in place.

Just because you’re acting like a child, it doesn’t mean you should have a party like a child.